Thanks for the web link, will have to visit as Iaˆ™d like to find out Albanian

Thanks for the web link, will have to visit as Iaˆ™d like to find out Albanian

Hey Anxhela! I was fortunate to possess had the chance to go to the south ultimately the 2009 Sep aˆ“ Saranda and Himare, including Gjirokaster and Berat. Anticipating doing a bit of more investigating much more next summer too. Undoubtedly hook up aˆ“ you might get me personally on Instagram and

Definitely that tourist in Albania will probably build enormously challenging positive push it has been obtaining aˆ“ very safer to get back prior to future 🙂

Elson Farka

Big article! Inside the movie about discovering Albanian words on the internet, the lady is definitely not Albanian while the words she pronounces are inaccurate! Just stating 😀 here’s my personal website, thank you so much


Thank You, Elson. Experienced a number of commentary about this but there’s no chance I could actually know that.


I am at this time in Albania in winter months (I’m sure, folks claims commit here in summer time but I can just afford to travelling in winter months, due to inexpensive off-peak flights) and I would highly recommend going directly to Rozafa palace as soon as you get to Shkodra aˆ“ this way you get an unbelievable look at the city to start off your time and effort there Making use of the buses, i desired going from Shkodra to Tirana and people were lovely and very happy to point myself toward the aˆ?bus stopaˆ? and also as I was wandering along the street I thankfully noticed a minibus with aˆ?Tiranaaˆ? within the window aˆ“ you merely wave in the motorist and they’re going to pull over for your family. Sadly i really do perhaps not communicate the words, but I managed to communicate with several young adults (okay, i really could talk to one guy exactly who talked some English) regarding the bus have been extremely thinking about me personally because i will be a tourist :] the actual only real difficulty that I’ve had so far was when an older people have on shuttle, 5 minutes afterwards the guy turned into really furious and yelled at all of us (the young folks) aˆ“ all those things usually the one regarding the young dudes stated ended up being aˆ?he provides a problem with usaˆ? pointing from himself to me. I am not yes what the problem is, when I could not determine what they were stating, but after that no body untamed communicate with me. Can any individual let me know what hairball? We had been not-being loud, we were merely taking in broken English. Whenever I reached Tirana (from Shkodra a minibus is 400 leke, basically significantly less than a‚¬4) two youngsters made an effort to help me see my personal hostel, after which if they cannot they requested two strangers, and so I ended up being escorted for the street by 4 females! These people were all very beautiful! (made a nice change!). Dinners to use: Tavekosi (lamb, yoghurt and rice baked) and ferges (cheddar plate aˆ“ vegan or with chicken). Should you visit Albania shortly, head to Tirana to the bunker (ask around for all the bunker with 135 spaces aˆ“ it is simply available for 2 several months, so everyone understands about any of it) aˆ“ you will get a free of charge aˆ?bunkartaˆ? bus there, or have a standard bus for a few euro. The bunker has-been sealed for a number of decades features temporarily been established and is also no-cost aˆ“ so run earlier closes once more! I love along with from the buildings aˆ“ some houses have only a splash of color, whereas others are many various tints! Regarding when you should run, summer might be additional best, however if (just like me) that isn’t possible Im within December and climate is pretty comfortable and mild while the hostels have lovely folks in them, so why not go?